Our values

Quality, Service, Innovation and Reliability are the four pillars guiding Visual Plus Corporation's activity.


We made a deliberate decision to represent and distribute solely tried and tested products and solutions. We take no risks and so every reference sold by our company will have successfully passed several quality checks before being released.


Located in the heart of Europe, our services have naturally adopted an international approach focusing most on our clients’ satisfaction. Upon receipt of an order right through to its delivery, our team is fully dedicated to answering potential enquiries, provide technical support and respond to logistical requests.


Our proximity across the European market with all the access control players leads us to understand the evolution and technological needs of our customers. Fortified by this collective knowledge, we encourage the brands we represent to adapt their devices to the reality of today’s market. We are always a step ahead which puts us at the top of innovation.


No planned-obsolescence… All the products offer a warranty of 2 to 10 years, depending on the references. Some of the products have a lifetime warranty! The average returns rate on our products under warranty is between 0 and 0,1%, depending on the range. To conclude, a well installed product will satisfy the end-users for years and many more.