Our products

Visual Plus Corporation is the sole and official importer of HQ MAG and XPR. It distributes its entire range all over the European market. This includes electromagnetic locking solutions, electrical locks, but also, the patented hybrid locking solution called Vortex. In access control, it offers stand-alone, off line or in network (web server, controllers, ...). For further information on products, please click on the links below.
XPR Group
XPR's main focus is to manufacture and offer the most up-to-date technology available for its products and solutions without compromising on design and aesthetic. This latest aspect is not often taken into consideration by competitors in the sector, but it is of significant importance when incorporating our devices in the design of your buildings.
HQ Mag
Quality is the top priority in HQ MAG's manufacturing process. In addition to the well-known range of electromagnetic locks, innovative solutions are developed and commercialised to meet the market's increased focus on high security and reliability.